3 Yellow Flower Essences to Support Balanced and Inspired Creation

3 Yellow Flower Essences to Support Balanced and Inspired Creation 

It’s been another week of rain and sunshine here in our new home in South West France. Our attention is turning to the management of our huge garden. It’s a big learning curve and there is a certain amount of overwhelm involved and I’ll be sharing a “story” about that in next week’s blog.

This week I am preparing for the upcoming Gathering for the British Flower and Vibrational Medicine being held in the UK at the end of March. As Chair, there are presentations to ​​prepare and of course the “small” matter of physically getting myself from France to the UK without depleting myself physically, emotionally and mentally.

One of the main ways I take care of myself is with flower essences and this week I am working with them to focus and prioritise, not just my sacred work but also ensuring I take time for myself and to enjoy my new life. Wandering in my garden over the weekend I was struck by the amount of yellow flowers at this time of year. It got me thinking (again) about why nature here in Europe showers us with yellow at this time of year and so this week I’m going to share with you the power of the ray of YELLOW.

And within this you might see a thread of how Yellow is our friend at this time of year.

How Yellow Can Support you Emotionally

Yellow is an expansive and radiant energy, encouraging social connection and dispelling congested energy. It helps us shine light on our shadow selves and thereby release past wounds. Yellow is the colour of the solar plexus chakra and thereby helps us digest the world.

How Yellow Can Support your Mind

Yellow is also the colour that is used to balance our mind, giving clarity, clear focused thinking and reasoning and is a great colour to use while studying. If yellow is calling you right now, it may mean that your energy system needs soothing due to excessive use of the mind and mental stimulation.

Here are 3 Yellow Flower Essences that might help


Forsythia graces my garden right now in 2 huge shrubs. Sitting with her is like taking a shower in yellow light, positivity and new ways of being.

I remember very clearing co-creating this essence last year at the same time as my sister was undergoing structural hip surgery and really sensing the cleansing and re-structuring superpowers of Forsythia.

One of her core messages is

Who am I if I let go of the old?

Who might I be if I let go?

Forsythia answers … 

I support you in letting go of who you might have been so that you could become who you truly are 

Find out more about Forsythia HERE

I wonder how Forsythia can support us all in continuing to let go of updated structures and invite in the structures of the New World both within and without.


Daffodil – another beloved symbol and ally of Spring. A tall and majestic being whose connection to the earth and sky teaches us the power of earth-sky alignment and her trumpet gives us the courage to speak out our truth.

The Moonflower Daffodil was co-created under a stunning Full Moon, thereby particular daffodil balancing yang (masculine) and yin (feminine) energies through her form and colour. Her signature and yellow colour give you courage to stand upright in your truth; her six petals bring in the vibration of love and gentleness and her orange centre remind you that at your core you too are gold.

She is a wonderful teacher of aligned and heart-centered action – a skill needed by us all in our personal and professional lives

You can find more about Daffodil HERE


Though not a flower of spring time, Sunflower is a potent symbol of the power of Yellow, solar energy and the Divine Masculine. As a result, she is a great ally for forward movement, taking action, confidence and empowerment. In our current world, action taking can feel overly yang and exhausting and so the Moonflower Sunflower Essence was created in moonlight.

This essence therefore holds the light of the Divine Feminine and supports taking right action with softness, grace and in perfect timing and can be used to encourage balance, authenticity and a unique pathway of merging the Divine Masculine and Feminine in our hearts

Sunflower is a bit of a pioneer in the flower essence world – and a new kid on the block of how nature can support us find balance in brand new ways.

Find our more about the MoonFlower Sunflower Essence here.

As you go about your days this Spring (or other seasons if you happen to pass by this blog then) – I encourage you to look for yellow in your life and ask her to support you. She is Master Guide in Finding…..Happiness, Wisdom, Hope, Confidence, Empowerment, Clarity and Focus

And maybe why she appears in such splendour each Spring to encourage us to wake up from our Winter slumber and step out once more as the powerful Co-Creators that our planet so needs right now.

If you’d like to find out more about Flower Essences and how they can help you, you can register here for my Free Flower Essence Master Class  entitled Enhance your Life and Healing Practice with Flower Essences 

About Sara Estelle

I am an experienced Flower Essence Practitioner and Trainer. I’ve been teaching and training groups and individuals for over 30 years and have owned my own Training school since 2011. I created and facilitate a very successful, accredited Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine and am the Chair of the British Flower and Vibrational Medicine Association.

I am the Founder of Create a Magical Business, Essentially Flowers and MoonFlower Essences and have my own radio show called Nature Connections

I am an international bestseller co-author of Cultivating Joy – Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul.

I work with complementary therapists and lightworkers who are experts in their field, feel called to transform their lives, serve many people yet have little idea or confidence of how to translate their gifts into practical steps

What makes me unique is that I work with the nature and celestial kingdoms and entwine this connection with practical business-building processes, including running a professional accredited qualification in Flower and Vibrational Medicine.

As a result, my clients are supported as their Source Selves, feel safe to express their fears and self-doubts and are given the practical steps to lay the foundations of a secure and sustainable business all the while staying true to themselves and their unique soul gifts.






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