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Choice points have been on my mind a lot in the past few weeks – we all have times in our lives when we are faced with a decision that can potentially change everything. I have been tapping into oceans of gratitude as I reflect upon how all aspects of my life have been transformed and how much of this transformation can be traced back to two choice points. Two moments of my life where I was invited to make a decision – on both occasions my back was up against the wall and it would have been really easy to have taken the opposite path and/or not even seen the opportunity for what it was yet something called forward and as I stepped forward, more ease and more grace began to flow through me.

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There is no surprise that flower essences have been my constant companions on this journey and I believe have been one of the key supports in my being able to keep walking forward with faith – even when I couldn’t see what was around the corner and when others around me were not in agreement with my choices. So let me share…

Choice Point One

The first choice point was in my early 40s – and the mid- point of a very unhappy time of my life. My partner and I had been trying to have a baby for a long time and I was desperately unhappy and resentful that this was so very hard for me to bring into reality. I became physically unwell and my hairdresser at the time suggested I consult a flower essence consultant. At this time I had not heard of flower essences and it would have been so very easy to have smiled politely and not followed up the lead. Yet something in me awoke and became curious. Needless to say, my very first prescribed bottle changed my energy completely and I was hooked. The next few years I read and learned everything I could about the Bach range, gave bottles of essences to everyone (whether they wanted them or not). I had chosen to walk down a specific path and my life was changed forever.

When I think back now to how easy it would have been to have “missed” this choice point, I am horrified at how my life may have become. This is one of the places where you will often hear me talk about flower essences “changing my life”. I truly believe they did. Yet I needed to take that first step.

Choice Point number Two happened just over 10 years after this – I was healthier, happier, running my Diploma course, slowly saying no to work that did not make my heart sing – the difference was noticeable to me and everyone around me. And if I had stayed in this place, the miracle would have been heart openly amazing.

The one thing in my life that had not shifted was that I was financially restricted. There was enough (we had a house, a car, food in the cupboards) yet it was always a struggle to break even leaving little room for time out, and enjoying even the small treats in life.

Enter Choice Point Two

For years I had worked incredibly hard on developing my own self and invested a lot of money and time in qualifications. Yet I had never invested any time or money in learning how to grow and run a thriving business. I had dipped my toes into free webinars and read a few books – that was all. Spending money to learn how to make money seemed impractical. So at make or break time, an opportunity came forward to work with a mentor who understood my work and my visions – I took it with both hands and an open heart, and trusted in the outcome. 18 months later, my income has doubled and my business has expanded beyond my dreams.

And I just know there is so much more. Once more I am filled with horror at what might have been had I not taken this opportunity and decided to stay in the small self of lack. It would have been very very easy to have listened to “sense” and not invested financially in the support. I knew deep inside that I was totally supported in this decision – particularly by the elemental kingdom. You would be surprised at just entrepreneurial they are :-). They love energy to flow and they love us to be happy and expanded and to be doing our life’s work.

And very often we need a lift up from someone who has walked the path before us and I am so very happy and grateful I decided to reach out my hand and be supported.



So next time you are faced with a fork in the road of your life, here are three suggestions I have found to be totally true

– Does your heart secretly smile at the feeling of making this decision? Does your heart feel excited ? And your knees knock? This is a GREAT sign – especially if you have all 3. Go for it… bold ….follow your heart

– Follow your own counsel. Often those close to us will try to keep us safe and “small” – as if we change, then so must they. By all means, make them part of your decision but let the decision be yours and yours alone. Your heart and soul will thank you for this.

– Go for a walk in nature, far away from the stress and pull of the modern world. Allow yourself to be supported by the earth, by the trees, birds, sky, flowers. Get in touch with the “natural” part of you, the part that just knows what to do and is not pulled by the mind or ego. The nature kingdom will always want you to be the brightest version of you – your soul is here to learn and to use these learnings to help others follow their path.

How could life ever be more fulfilling than that?

Finally, the flower essence Cerato is a perfect friend at these times – her “job” is to centre you in your heart (as opposed to your mind) and from this place you will hear your soul speak clearly and know your way forward. When you hear this voice, don’t doubt it or second guess it – walk forwards and watch your life change forever.

In my own range, MoonFlower Essences, Cerato is made in moonlight, enhancing her qualities with the rays of the soft and divine Full Moon. You can find out more about my friend Cerato here:

MoonFlower Essence Cerato in Moonlight


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If you are at a crossroads in your personal and professional life and would like support in making a heart-based choice, I invite you to apply for a Magical Business Session with myself, Sara. It’s this step that made all the difference to me. This could be one of YOUR Choice Points that could change your life


DSCF5093Sara is an experienced Flower Essence Consultant and Trainer and works with many different ranges of flower essences from around the world. Sara’s own range is MoonFlower Essences. Sara runs a Practitioner Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine and is also the Founder of Create a Magical Business, where she runs courses to help complementary therapists and healers create magical flows in their healing practices and businesses. Sara has her own radio show called Nature Connections on Natural Health Radio.

She is also the Chair of the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association

To find out about Courses please visit Sara’s training company called Essentially Flowers

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