Create Your Magical Healing Business in 2018


Drawing down the template of 2018 

A unique Planning Event for Healers who wish to co-create and grow their healing businesses in 2018

As a healer and magical being, YOU have the gifts and the vision to change the world. You have your own unique way of healing yourself and our planet and you are much needed at this time.

It’s time to share your gifts and I’d love to support you in doing this

As 2017 ends and we stand at the edge of a whole new year, many of us are feeling excited at the potential that lies ahead. We are at the tipping point and healers like you need to stand up and Be The Divine Spark that you are.

And I’d love to invite you to join me for

Create a Magical 2018 – Drawing Down the Template of 2018 with the Moon

We begin at New Moon December 18th and for a whole lunar cycle with guided live events to help and support you. Here is an overview:

  • Let Go of 2017 and Celebrate YOU
  • Dream in a brand new 2018 
  • Explore your relationship to money using Sacred Money Archetypes
  • Set up a step by step plan to take action and Make your Dreams Happen in 2018

You will receive the opportunity to Discover and Explore your own personal Sacred Money Archetypes and with my support as a Sacred Money Archetype Coach, we will “Crack your Money Code” and exploring how you can See and Feel Money as a Magical Ally whose energy wishes to support and nourish you. You will be given access to a special programme (which usually retails at 97 euros) where you can

  • Take your Sacred Money Archetype Assessment and Discover the Archetypes that overlight and place focus on your unique gifts and how you can best magnetise your healing gifts into the world
  • Watch videos about YOUR Archeytpes and how they can help you manifest
  • Download pdfs about the Archetypes which are yours to keep for life 

If you already know you’d like to take part, here is your payment button set for a Magical Price of just £97 (approximately 110 euros/130 US $)

Allow yourself to be guided forwards by starlight

For many years now I have worked personally and professionally with the lunar cycles. The moon supported me in my fertile years to navigate my way through a journey of infertility. She became my friend.

The lunar cycles have become so much of how I lead my life and I continued to work with lunar cycles even when the light of my own fertility began to wane. A moment of transformation occurred in my life when I realised that the lunar cycle could also be used to guide my healing business forwards. It was such a light bulb moment and was the turning point for me away from a life of disappointment and grief to one of purpose and feeling alive once more.

I began to work the lunar cycles to seed and grow visions for my life and healing business. When I began to see that this template of working could also help other healers, I launched a programme called Manifesting with the Moon in 2014. This programme has run many times since then and transformed the lives of many.

In 2015 – using the very same principles outlined above – my family and I achieved a long held dream of re-locating to France and my healing business supported us all the way and continues to support us now that we are settled here. To the left is a photo of the view over the valley from our new home.

As a Flower Essence Trainer and Founder of Create a Magical Business, I have spent many years co-creating the  life of my dreams with the nature and celestial kingdoms and my passion is to help YOU do the same.

When we allow ourselves to be supported, everything becomes possible.


Here is how Create your Magical Healing Business in 2018 will look

  1. 4 live events held by internet meetings, all recorded so if you cannot join us live, you can catch up via the recordings

Dates and details of the Live Planning Events are:

Monday December 18th 2017 – a Sagittarius New Moon and a wonderfully expanded energy for you to Dream in the most Magical Form of your Healing Business for 2018. This is a time to celebrate 2017 (whether it was a great or challenging year – there are always jewels in the fallen leaves and it’s our job to find and treasure them). By taking this hour to Set your Intentions for your healing business and 2018, you will be energising the potential of your creations.

Thursday December 21st 2017Solstice – and the peak of yin energies for the Northern Hemisphere and yang energies for the Southern Hemisphere. A Solstice is the turning point on the wheel and a wonderful time to explore your emotions and beliefs about how worthy you feel of deserving the Magical Healing Business you are invoking and dreaming in. We will be working with the Water Element and your ability to Magnetise your Vision.

We then pause for the holidays and allow your vision to grow and speak to you over the holiday period

Tuesday January 2nd 2018 – with the holidays behind us, we meet once more and with mass consciousness supporting us, our 3rd live event focuses on the fuel of your healing business – money. As healers this is a crucial area to get really congruent with as without the energy of money, we cannot fully support ourselves and serve those we are here to serve. It’s a crucial component.

Monday January 8th 2018 – our final live event will focus on taking action and we will be calling on the element of Fire to Draw Down the actions you need to take to make manifest in a physical form the healing business of your dreams. It’s so important to commit to dates and taking action – for without this final component of Action Taking, your vision remains a vision.

2. Safe supported space throughout the whole journey 

You will be invited to join a closed Facebook group – where you will be held in safe energy throughout the lunar cycle and Manifesting process. Here you can share your intentions, challenges and breakthroughs, and ask questions when you need support. You are held in safe space in this group and will be surrounded by other healers just like yourself who understand your vision and passion and the unique challenges we face as healers.

3. Co-Creating your own Lunar Essence Embedded with your Sacred Intentions at Full Moon

Following the magic of the lunar cycles peaking with being guided to Create your own Moon Water charged with your intentions at Full Moon – Tuesday January 1st/2nd 2018.

4. Bonus Access to my Re-write your Money Story programme

This is where you can Discover your own Sacred Money Archetypes and ensure that you begin 2018 with clear emotions and aligned beliefs. Letting go of any “old money stories” that are no longer aligned with who you are and ensuring your energy is clear and ready to magnetise new clients and projects is key to your future.

Here is your Magical Button to reserve your space set for £97

(approximately 110 euros/130 US $)

As soon as payment is received, you will receive access to a special programme where you will be able to Discover and Explore your Sacred Money Archtetypes

You will be given access to a special programme (which usually retails at 97 euros) where you can

  • take your Sacred Money Archetype Assessment,
  • watch videos about YOUR Archeytpes and how they can help you manifest
  • Download pdfs about the Archetypes which are yours to keep for life 

So to recap here is what you are getting

  • Lifetime access to our Re-write your Money Story programme (normal investment 97 euros with a value of transforming your whole life – it did mine)
  • An invitation to jon me and other healers for 4 live events (all detailed above) with recordings provided if you cannot attend live (Value £197)
  • Guidance to create and Magnetise your own Full Moon charged water at Full Moon with your sacred intentions. As a Flower Essence trainer and Co-Creator of MoonFlower Essences. I have many years experience of co-creating solar and lunar charged water and showing others how to do this. (Value £97)
  • Support and guidance offered through a special Facebook group created just for this event (Value = priceless)

A Total Value of over £300 – and available to you at this year end for just £97

And the potential transformational benefits for taking part:

  • Commitment to truly beginning 2018 using your inner guidance gifted by your connection to your soul and passion and purpose.  No more “empty” New Years Resolutions. This is deep spiritual work. The reasons why most New Years Resolutions don’t work is because they are created from looking outside of ourselves. This time you will be committing to creating the outer from Inner Alignment.
  • An Experience of following the lunar cycle and experiencing first hand how it feels to transform with the natural cycles of our Earth
  • Experience how to feels to set deep and focused intentions at New Moon and then allow these intentions to grow and bloom as the lunar cycle progresses
  • Open yourself to support and guidance and be held in a safe space with other healers who share your dream and passion.
  • Receive guidance and support via our 4 live interactive webinar – all recorded should you not be able to attend live.
  • Crack your Money Code and Re-write your Money Story by Discover your Sacred Money Archetypes. As a Certified Sacred Money Archetype Coach, I will show you how to use your natural gifts as a way to lead your life both personally and professionally This work all on its own is life-changing!
  • Learn key areas where you may be giving away your power with money and identify steps= you can take to own your own value, with confidence and clarity
  • Learn how to focus your intentions for manifestation, allowing you to align your desires with your unique gifts and thereby creating ease and flow in your personal and professional life




We will be using Conscious Dance to SUPPORT YOUR BODY TO EXPAND, ENERGISE AND GROUND your intentions. We will be using your deep intention setting and the group energy to dance your intentions into being by letting go of tension, resistance and old ways of being THROUGH DANCE.

Here is how it works:

  • On receipt of your payment, you will be given access to my Re-Write your Money Story Using your Sacred Money Archetype programme. There you will be able to take your Sacred Money Archetype Assessment and download a full set of pdfs that explain your Archetypes in full detail. This information is yours to keep.
  • You will receive invitations to take part in the 4 live interactive trainings (see above for details)
  • You will be fully supported by myself and the group via our online forum

Are you ready to join us and Draw Down your 2018 with the Moon?

Just £97 –  (approximately 110 euros or 130 US $)

Here is your button of Manifestation

About Sara

Sara is an experienced Flower Essence Practitioner, Trainer, Certified Sacred Money Archetype and Money Breakthrough Method Coach. Sara runs her own training school, Essentially Flowers and an accredited Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine. She is passionate about empowering healers and therapists to know their own true value and develop and grow their own natural healing businesses via her Create a Magical Business training programmes.

She is the current Chair of the British Flower and Vibrational Medicine Association. She also has her own  podcasts called Nature Connections.