The Empowered Healer One year Group Programme


Creating a Magical Business is a deep calling from your soul to share what only you can offer into the world

I have discovered a deep passion to empower people just like you to find the courage within to build / grow a healing AND thriving business that embodies feminine energies. Whenever the Divine Feminine is circulated, abundance of all kinds always follows.

The nature and celestial kingdoms want you to be abundant, and thrive – be your true self, feel fulfilled in your work and have time to rest and play and more than enough money to live the life you have dreamed of and help others to do the same.

So if you want:

– to be able to take care of yourself as well as take care of others

– to transform all the amazing ideas you have into financial success

– to create financial security and trust that money is an unlimited source

– to live life to its fullest and with ease and grace

– to connect fully with others in a heart-centered manner

…all by offering what only you can offer through your gifts, our Thirteen Moon 1 year Group Programme may be for you.

Creating a Magical Business is not just about soul alignment

It is equally importantly all about taking consistent practical action. And so you so also:

– follow weekly exercises that guide you step by step to bringing your vision into reality

– learn your Sacred Money Archetypes and using their wisdom to tap into the full potential of who you are and what you have to offer

– set 90 day, monthly and weekly goals to take you from your vision to its manifestation into the physical

– work with the lunar calendar and season to align your actions with the power of the moon and our earth

– feel fully supported by myself, and a group of inspired and inspiring people on a secure forum and in weekly calls

– feel supported by others in the energetic world who also have big visions and understand deeply how you feel

Participants on our 1 year Empowered Healer programme have benefitted enormously from committing on a soul level to moving forward. Here are a few real life examples:

Sharon shares “This is a very powerful and cutting edge course. 2 months ago I was completely overwhelmed financially, stressed out and had no focus or direction. Since I have been on the Empowered Healer programme I have plugged my money leaks, the money is pouring in at a terrific pace and my creativity is flowing! I feel completely aligned with my Soul Purpose and the abundance of the Universe is showing up big time to give me the financial support to do what I came to this beautiful planet to do. Knowing and connecting with my Sacred Money Archetypes helps me feel more empowered financially and as a result I am having great fun watching the money come in and stay in.
This feels like a very ‘inspired’ programme, which combines Sara’s skilful teaching and coaching methods with the energetic support of Nature.
If you are ready and willing to step out of the old paradigm of financial struggle and align with a wealth of internal and external treasures – this is the course for you!”

Penny set a goal of teaching a kinesiology course and beginning to enrol students once the 12 week programme had ended. She didn’t need to wait that long – halfway her first 12 weeks, her phone began ringing and by the end of 12 weeks, she had taught her first Kinesiology weekend – with 6 students taking part.

And Diantha says:

Diantha HarrisI don’t think anyone could teach the Empowered Healer programme better than Sara Turner. Her course has changed my professional and personal approach to money for the better in 12 short weeks! My husband is thrilled at the transformation as he sees the money flowing so much more easily than before I worked with Sara. If you desire a positive change in your professional finances, this is the course for you. It has made all the difference. Thank you, Sara. Thank you….

Diantha Harris, Author, Color Expert, Spiritual Counselor



And Sheila says:

Sheila BalgobinYou’ve been an inspiration and a model for an ethical, magical business – which has spoken to my heart in a powerful way – thank you! You’ve become MY avatar for a successful businesswoman. 🙂

Sheila Balgobin, Flower Essence Practitioner, Aromatherapist and Crystal Healer




Would you like to join us and Create YOUR own Magical Business?

If your soul is calling you to take part, our Empowered Healer programme consists of a year’s programme – consisting of 4 x 12 weeks courses, all designed to guide you through natural process of growth and practical action.

These 4 programmes are Create Magical Money, Create Magical Connections, Create Magical Savings and Create Magical Flow


Create Magical Money is your starting place and helps you create a solid container for money that is totally in alignment with who you are and that will help you create powerful pathways and take consistent action for your first 12 weeks. It’s like making friends with the energy of money. It’s foundational work and all underpinned with the “magic” of working alongside the lunar cycle and nature kingdom.


Create Magical Connections is the second phase of Create your Magical Business and helps you magically connect to the people who need your help, ensuring that the steps you take to create your own personal offerings are in alignment with your own energetic team, the clients who need your help and packaged in a manner and at a price that the magic happens for both you and your clients – with ease and grace.

Create Magical Connections is like the growing the branches of your tree and now that your roots are strong and in place (from your work in Create Magical Money), you can reach out your branches and allow your leaves, flowers and fruits to be birthed.

Create Magical Savings is Phase 3 of your programme – now that the flow of energy and money is increasing, it’s time to take your attention to how you FEEL about money. Create Magical Savings guides you to consciously choose a new approach to making and keeping more money, and spending it consciously, making it easy to talk about in a way that is natural, simple and most of all do-able.

With this new inner clarity and outer skills, you’ll feel the way you really want to about money. You’ll make decisions more easily. You’ll be more positive. You’ll feel a surge in your self-worth and an increase in your net worth.

Create Magical Flow is the final phase of your year in Create a Magical Business. It’s now time to apply focus to all areas of your business – and ensure that the flow of energy you are expending on your business is resonant with your goals and visions. You will learn how to focus your energy appropriately on the tasks that ensure that all aspects of your business receive the attention they deserve.

It’s time to let go of the old ways that no longer serve the new empowered business owner you have become ; it’s time to enjoy all you have created and establish a flow of work – and play – that keeps you connected and vibrant.

Building a business takes time and commitment and doing this with full support from myself, the nature kingdom and the group energy makes all the difference

If you are ready to Create your Own Magical Business and say goodbye to fear, overwhelm and confusion in the process (these are SUCH old, world energies now), then I’d love you to join us.

Whether you’re a trainee or experienced therapist, stay-at-home parent or start-up business owner in the world of natural health, this course will give you specific tools to begin mastering money in your life, in your relationships and in your health practice/ business, putting you on the path to personal money mastery.

Create Magical Business is for you if…

  • You want an easy-to-use system to confidently get past your money blind spots, so you can make powerful financial decisions in your personal life and your health practice or business.
  • You want the tools to get yourself unstuck from any money issues that arise in your personal and business life.
  • You’re fed up! You‘re ready to end inner conflict and stress around money.
  • You want to know what to do and what to say when someone you care about is “pushing your money boundaries”.
  • You feel really ready for a lasting transformation with money, designed with a feminine, insightful approach.

To apply for a complimentary Magical Business Session and to find out if this is the right course for you, please click on the link below, fill out the form with as much information as possible and submit. I will be in touch within 48 hours (or maybe a little longer if it is a weekend or holiday time) to let you know if I feel one of our complimentary sessions can help you.


Transformation of you and your business is just a heart beat away.

Sara xx

About Sara



Sara is an experienced Flower Essence Practitioner, Trainer and Certified Sacred Money Archetype and Money Breakthrough Method Coach. Sara runs her own training school, Essentially Flowers and an accredited Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine. She is passionate about empowering healers and therapists to know their own true value and develop and grow their own natural healing businesses.

She is the current Chair of the British Flower and Vibrational Medicine Association. She also has her own weekly radio show called Nature Connections on Natural Health Radio.