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Hello I’m Sara – Founder of Create a Magical Business and Essentially Flowers Training

For many years I have used Flower and Vibrational Medicine to transcend limiting beliefs and a lack of joy and passion – the difference has been unbelievable as I have allowed the nature kingdom to support me as I have walked the path towards Becoming Myself.

I founded a very successful Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine that now has over 45 Graduates and began to realise that the Degree in Marketing that I had obtained in my 20s was going to come in very useful! I also invested in business mentoring and slowly (actually it happened pretty quickly) began to believe that a healing business was possible.

In 2015 my partner and I realised a long held dream of relocating from the UK to France and from here, Create a Magical Business was truly born – as “she” now sustains us in our new home and land 100%.

It’s my passion to inspire as many healers and therapists as possible to rise up and begin to share their healing gifts with the world in a wider way so in the videos below I share some of the “live” trainings I have offered via my Facebook page.

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Take part in some of the Online Training I have offered via my Create a Magical Business Facebook page

Lessons from an Eagle – How to Trust the Bigger Wisdom of your Life and Business and Make Better Daily Decisions

Join me and many other healers in journeying with Eagle and allowing your heart to acknoweldge and “see” what you wish to manifest. I had no idea how powerful this was going to be and that I was going to personally share my own vision.


How your self-worth is directly linked to the success of your healing business

Do you find yourself in a spiral of “not enoughness”? I certainly did and can still feel this sometimes even today….. the way through this is to recognise it for what it is and when we do, we can make different decisions.

Join me and many other healers – who also recognised this spiral – on the recording of this live training below ….the world truly needs your gifts NOW….not when you are perfect.



Surround yourself with Those Who Believe You Can

The importance of surrounding yourself with those who believe you can and how this impacts on your ability to manifest and grow your healing business. Support can come in many forms – human, angelic, elemental and even through widely known business structures…

Join me on this recording of a live training and realise a whole new way of being supported – You Are Never Alone…


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