Re-write your Money Story

Sacred Money Archetype Alignment

Crack your Money Code and Re-write your Money Story

How to Create Magical Money Mastery in Your Life, Relationships and Complementary Health Practice or Business

(and Finally say goodbye to Fear, Confusion or Self-Sabotage in the Process)

All with the Blessing and Support of the Nature Kingdom

If you are a complementary health or healer, I believe it is a time to focus on your vision and begin to take your first steps forward with courage and commitment. Working with the world of energy is a wonderful way to move with the nature kingdom and it’s time too for you to begin to share your true gifts with the world.

On 21st June 2015 my family and I locked up our house in the UK and drove to South West France with our 2 cats to begin a new life here. My healing business had been set up to sustain us during this move and continues to do 2 years later. Learning my Sacred Money Archetypes was one of the keys to this transformation and to celebrate and honour the Solstice, I’d love to offer you the opportunity to experience my first steps at a very special price.

I loved the Sacred Money Archetype system so much I went on to become a Certified Sacred Money Archetype Coach and from this place I wish to be of service to you.

97 euros (approximately £85 or $110)

What is Sacred Money Archetypes®?

While your relationship with money is as unique as you are, there are Archetype patterns or themes that possess a universal quality, which means it is critical that you discover your money strengths and gifts, along with your money shadow-side, so you stop wasting your time and energy trying to fit yourself into a box of what you think you “should” do money-wise, and instead empower yourself with money, on the spot.

By investing in this opportunity, you will discover your Sacred Money Archetypes and learn key areas where you may be giving away your power with money and identify steps you can take to own your own value, with confidence and clarity.
You will learn how to focus your intentions for manifestation, allowing you to align your desires with your unique gifts and thereby creating ease and flow in your personal and professional life.
And you will feel inspired and clear about how to align your financial success with your personal growth

As A Result You Will Feel …

Aligned. Clear. Harmony. Empowered. Brave. Powerful. Courageous. Happy. Confident. Ready. Renewed.

Want to come on board? Here is your Magical Money payment button:

You will receive:

On receipt of your payment, you will be given access to the Create a Magical Business member site where you will be able to download your Sacred Money Archetype Assessment. You will learn your top 3 Sacred Money Archetypes, your Sacred Money Contract, the gifts and the challenges of your top 3 Archetypes and how to use this information to align your healing practice/business with your heart’s desires. You will receive digital copies of all 8 Sacred Money Archetypes so that you can continue to grow and learn from this powerful information

A series of videos where I share more information regarding each Archetype specifically for healing business owners and give tips for beginning to allow more flow into your life and business immediately. Flow is not just about money – though it is absolutely part of it. Flow is also joy, time, health….

Money is “just” energy – and when we make friends with money, the journey becomes so much easier.


A Create a Magical Space document where I talk you through a space clearing exercise to clear your office/healing practice space and energy system of clutter and reprogramme your space with healing vibrations that hold sacred and balanced energies to support you as you share your unique gifts, fully supported by your Sacred Money Archetypes


Here are experiences of clients of mine where they share their own transformations since learning their unique Sacred Money Archetype combinations

“Before I discovered my Sacred Money Archeyptes, I was completely overwhelmed financially, stressed out and had no focus or direction.  I have now plugged my money leaks, the money is pouring in at a terrific pace and my creativity is flowing!”



Sharon Keenan 
“I have been working as an Aromatherapist for 18 years. I launched my product range based on essential oils, however it has never really got going, I was unsure how to promote it and lacked confidence and self -belief that it was good enough. Learning my Sacred Money Archetypes  has really opened my eyes and made me realise my own worth and that I am my business.  My increased prices have not caused a reduction in work or sales. I am also much more confident in promoting myself.”
Christine Martin

“I learned that the reason for my tricky finances lay in my Number 1 Money Archetype. Having been on my journey of self discovery for over 20 years Money Archetypes were amazingly all new to me but a vital piece I need to understand, work with and master. Working with them has been a huge factor in my success and progress.”

Maria B. Bourke


I’d love you to experience a similar shift in your own personal and healing business life.  Discover your Sacred Money Archetypes now at this very special investment of 97 euros.