Have you ever noticed how days begun with good intentions can slip away from you and it is time for sleep before you have taken care of your own “soul” needs? And how this is often not related to how much time you actually have?

As Christmas approaches and life outside gets busier, as the media attempts to convince us of the need to buy and social invitations increase, it has puzzled me for some years as to how the modern human being expends more energy at a time when Nature around us is going to sleep. It’s easy to resist following the natural cycles of nature and the slowing down and going inwards that we are all invited to do as we dive into the darker months of our year.

The good news is that it is easy to introduce small shifts into your daily life that  will help you to stay connected to the external rythmns of Mother Earth all the while operating in this modern world.I used to find taking time out for myself nigh impossible until I began to work with the nature kingdom and allowing her to show me how to relax and go with the flow of the seasons of the year and also at the lunar cycles. My daily “work” with the nature kingdom has now become my constant teacher of balance and living according to natural cycles. It is such a gift and so I would like to share with you some of my favourite suggestions as to FEED YOUR SOUL as you go about your day:


Marvin sleepingWhat time of day do you most easily relax and find space to be you? For some it is early morning, for others before sleep or it could be a half an hour before the schools come out mid afternoon?  Personally I find it easier to dedicate first thing in the mornings to myself. Early mornings for me are my “Me Time” – this is when I take long baths, meditate and generally do whatever my Soul Needs are for the day.



Crow in Ellington ParkMy office window looks out over my garden and I like to always pay attention to nature that I see from my window as I work. I also try to do go for daily walks and attune myself to nature in the moment. Right now it is late Autumn/Early Winter here in England and the trees are dropping their final leaves and their life force is retreating back down into their roots. When we attune ourselves in this way – even if only visually – it is easy then for our bodies and souls to also soften, let go and refind balance and connection to our true selves once more.




Multicolour lightAnother easy and highly nourishing way to feel your soul at any time of day – whatever the season – is to surround yourself with the colour that brings you back into balance. You can do this by choosing your clothes mindfully as you begin your day – paying attention to how you are feeling and what kind of day you are facing. You can easily accessorise by adding a necklace or scarf of your favourite balancing colour.

You can also take time out during your break – or even just for a few seconds – by stopping what you are doing, taking some deep breaths and visualising your rebalancing colour flood through your physical, emotional and spiritual selves. Can you feel that? It is such a tonic.

I hope these suggestions have helped remind you how easy it is to introduce balance and FOOD FOR YOUR SOUL into your day. I’d love to know your favourite ways of feeding your soul and so please do leave a comment on this blog and share this with me and others. My weekly Nature Connections Show on Natural Health Radio also has as its aim to reconnect us all to the healing powers of Nature. You can listen to any of the past shows by visiting

If you’d like to experience support from the nature kingdom via a personal consultation with myself, please do get in touch. Now is the perfect time to put yourself on the top of your agenda – I’d love to reconnect you with the beautiful, divine being that you are deep within your soul. You can get in touch by emailing

Until next time……many blessings from myself and the nature kingdom


Sara Turner

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  1. Lovely article, Sara. The ways I feed my soul are to sit and watch the birds eating the food I put out for them and especially seeing them bathing themselves – it always makes me smile. I also love to walk dogs in the countryside and take them swimming – their joy is infectious! On winter evenings, I love to put on some beautiful music, keep the lights low and snuggle up on the sofa with my cat, Tiggy. Penny x

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