How the Tree Kingdom helped me Enrol Participants onto my Healing Programmes (really)


Trees in my new garden
My new garden and tree friends in France

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog but now that we are here settling into our new home in France, it feels like time to begin sharing again. And what better time than New Moon.

I’d like to share with you a very true story of how the TREES helped me to enrol for the Practitioner Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine that I run.….yes that is right…..the trees are fabulous networkers.


Like many complementary health practitioners, I have many qualifications and for quite a few years was addicted to learning. Each time I learned something new and “tried it out” on many volunteers and got great results, a new therapy appeared and then I had to learn that too. The constant within this was flower essences…and it was in fact when I began to truly study this modality, gaining a Practitioner Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine in 2003, that a little voice began to whisper…

“….it’s time to stop learning and start sharing what you know”

Have you ever heard that voice? Well for a while of course I ignored it, but as with all healing methods, the voice got louder and louder until one day I just had to listen. After all getting sick is not a good advert for a healer. Stopping everything and listening to the voice within, my way forward emerged.

Fast forward around 5 years, and I have listened quite a bit and am running a Practitioner Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine. I am overjoyed as lovely souls are enrolling. How lucky am I to be able to train others and earn money…this was truly a first. The trouble was that I was charging such a small amount of money for a 2 year course that I was almost giving myself away and together with the intensive work it required, it was not sustainable.


3 Possibilities lay ahead of me:

  1. To carry on, possibly get sick again and feel resentful, which was completely against what I was teaching (not an option)
  2. Give up and go back to a Muggle teaching job (what my family wanted me to do) – (not an option) this work is a soul contract and one of reasons I got sick was because I wasn’t following my path
  3. Increase my prices. To do that though I needed way more self-confidence and support from those who understood.So I took my courage and enrolled in business mentorship

Fast forward another year – I am now in business mentorship and listening intently to my mentor. She has taken one look at my pricing and strongly advised me to increase my prices. Gulp! How on earth was I going to do that ? Surely the world of healing would not sustain a sizeable increase? And more importantly what would others think of me….

Yet when you are committed to your path and trust your mentor, you take advice and in huge trust and faith, I tripled my Diploma prices.

And here is where the magic truly begins and the trees came to help me

discouraged meI updated my site, sent out emails, did Facebook posts – all of which I know WAS part of what happened next. Yet with just 5 days to go before the first enrolment at the new prices, I had had no one get in touch. My heart was beginning to sink. Maybe I had been wrong to increase my prices.

So on one afternoon on a freezing cold February, I switched off my computer and went for a walk to our local park. As I walked around the park, I sensed myself calm and I began to talk to the trees…..and here is what I said :

DSCF4788“Tree friends, I have done all I can here as a human. And so far nothing has happened. So right now I hand over to you. It’s your turn now – if this is meant to happen, then work your magic and speak to the hearts of anyone who is interested and inspire them to get in touch. Thank you guys”.


Feeling a LOT better, I walked home, made dinner and relaxed. Around 9pm that evening I went into my office and checked my emails….and ….there…..were…….5 bookings to speak to me about the Diploma. Before I left that afternoon – there had been none.

The trees had heard my plea and somehow reached into the hearts of 5 people and as a result they had made a decision to email me. 3 of these people went on to book the Diploma.

This was a life-changing moment for me…..and one that taught me the true meaning of the Language of the Heart and how the Nature Kingdom truly is very very entrepreneurial.

So if you have ever wondered how you are going to share your healing gifts with the world in an aligned way AND work alongside Nature to do this, remember this magical very true story.

The nature kingdom wants to be of service, wants to help you and has no shame at all about calling in clients to your programmes or clinic.

Next time you are wondering where on earth your clients are going to come from, go for a walk in nature and speak to the trees… I was you might be amazed and delighted at what happens next.

If you’d like to have a chat with me about how you can begin taking your healing business forwards in an aligned and practical way, then I invite you to click here and apply for a Magical Business Session with me – my treat to you.


About Sara

DSCF4719I am an experienced Flower Essence Practitioner and Trainer. I’ve been teaching and training groups and individuals for over 30 years and have owned my own Training school since 2011. I created and facilitate a very successful, accredited Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine and am the Chair of the British Flower and Vibrational Medicine Association.

I am the Founder of Create a Magical Business, Essentially Flowers Training and MoonFlower Essences and have my own radio show called Nature Connections on Natural Health Radio.

I am an international bestseller co-author of Cultivating Joy – Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul.

I work with complementary therapists and lightworkers who are experts in their field, feel called to transform their lives, serve many people yet have little idea or confidence of how to translate their gifts into practical steps

What makes me unique is that I work with the nature and celestial kingdoms and entwine this connection with practical business-building processes, including running a professional accredited qualification in Flower and Vibrational Medicine.

As a result, my clients are supported as their Source Selves, feel safe to express their fears and self-doubts and are given the practical steps to lay the foundations of a secure and sustainable business all the while staying true to themselves and their unique soul gifts.




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