How to Avoid Overwhelm and Find your Pot of Gold

How to Avoid Overwhelm and

Find your Pot of Gold as you Set up your Healing Business

As I write this we are on the cusp of Spring Equinox and it’s a wonderful time to begin taking your energy outwards as the sap rises here in Northern Europe.

In these intense energies I’ve been pondering a lot the concept of overwhelm and how this energy can be so very debilitating and disempowering. Having created my own successful healing business and watching it grow year on year, and having relocated to a new country during this period, I too have experienced feelings of … How on earth am I going to do this ? Am I really up to the task ?

And so today as the sap rises once more, I’d like to share with you my own personal way of ensuring I stay in the present, on my own path of service to other healers and take care of myself. One of my own personal gifts is knowing that I am always supported … by nature, by the seasons, by the Moon and by the overlighting presence of all that I am and can be. And it in this sacred space that I share today.

Our new house in South West France has a lot of beautiful space and land. Having land and space around us was all part of our dream and as our house in the UK had a tiny garden and neither of had owned land before, the amount of work that is needed is all very new and can feel overwhelming. To top this the house had been a holiday home and so the garden itself needs a lot of love and care. And so here is what I’m learning …. that to grow any new areas of our life, we need to practise the skill and accept that we may be beginners in this area. And in large garden management we are beginners!

We have recently had a lot of the trees pruned and this weekend past as we began to clear the pruned wood (see just one of the huge piles to clear in the photo below ) I had 2 choices – the first to feel exhausted, disempowered at the amount of work to be done OR to fully take on board that this is new to me and that I’m learning new skills of wood cutting and fire making, growing literally new muscles and to be fully grateful I’m realizing a long held dream.

I chose to believe the second…

I share this as I speak to many healers who are beginning brand new healing businesses- with a huge dream in their heart ( just like mine with owning land) and quickly become disempowered at the amount to be done and “give up”, believing they are just not worthy of the task.

Whereas in fact all that is needed is to realize:
1. Running a business is a learning curve. If we’ve never worked for ourselves before, it’s a whole new world of focus, marketing and a certain amount of “responsibility”
2. Running a healing business takes us on an even deeper healing journey as we learn to own (without ego) our own unique healing gifts and channel the energy of of what we offer through our energy system – not forgetting that money needs to come through the channel at the same time.

So if this is you and you are feeling overwhelmed and just unworthy of the tasks ahead, stop for a second, come into your heart, take a deep breath and know
– YOU can do this
– Practise, practise and practise. We all have to learn to walk, dance, run, chop wood and the first few times we do it, we may feel exhausted and truly not up to the task. Running a healing business is a muscle … and the more you use it, the easier it becomes. I promise.
– Surround yourself with those on the same path as you so that you can be lifted up when you are down and to ensure you do not give up
– Know this is your time to realize your dream of running a successful healing practice that not only is of great service but also nourishes you with enough income to support yourself and those you love.

The planet needs you far too much. There are souls who right now need your help and wisdom. You have not come this far on your path to give up …. you and your gifts are far too precious. The pot of gold is just around the corner of picking yourself back up and practising, practising, practising ….

Remember every one of us is a beginner. If you have the dream in your heart then know you are worthy of birthing this on the physical

If you’d like some support in doing this, each month I offer a limited number of complimentary Magical Business calls. If this calls to you, click below and share a little bit about yourself and I’d be delighted to support you in staying present on your journey as a healing business owner and moving forwards the next step of finding your pot of gold

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You are always supported.. always …. by the love in your heart and by the universal forces of the earth and the sky. On days that you feel like giving up, please don’t ….. 

The planet needs you far too much

About Sara Estelle

I am an experienced Flower Essence Practitioner and Trainer. I’ve been teaching and training groups and individuals for over 30 years and have owned my own Training school since 2011. I created and facilitate a very successful, accredited Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine and am the Chair of the British Flower and Vibrational Medicine Association.

I am the Founder of Create a Magical Business, Essentially Flowers and MoonFlower Essences and have my own radio show called Nature Connections

I am an international bestseller co-author of Cultivating Joy – Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul.

I work with complementary therapists and lightworkers who are experts in their field, feel called to transform their lives, serve many people yet have little idea or confidence of how to translate their gifts into practical steps

What makes me unique is that I work with the nature and celestial kingdoms and entwine this connection with practical business-building processes, including running a professional accredited qualification in Flower and Vibrational Medicine.

As a result, my clients are supported as their Source Selves, feel safe to express their fears and self-doubts and are given the practical steps to lay the foundations of a secure and sustainable business all the while staying true to themselves and their unique soul gifts.


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