The Feminine Art of Manifestation – 3 Steps to Bringing Flow through your life and Healing Business

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Today is International Women’s Day and an auspicious day to share with you 3 of my favourite ways of easily stepping back into the feminine flow of creating the life and business of your dreams

 Do you recognise yourself in any of the questions below?

  • Do you keep going 24/7 and feel that life is relentless ?
  • How easily do you flow with the natural cycles of life?
  • Do you embrace change as natural and a teacher or do you hold on tightly and walk against the flow ?
  • Do you feel connected to a larger, more empowered and guided aspect of yourself or do you feel alone and that you need to do everything on your own?

In my earlier years I can see myself clearly in all these 4 questions. I was terrified of change and lived my life by pushing and striving. I changed this by being introduced to the power of flower and vibrational medicine and by choosing to be supported by the nature kingdom and the natural flows that govern life on our planet – the seasons and lunar cycle.

The deepening of this choice continues and recently as we set in motion energy waves to relocate from England to France, I have been reflecting upon the feminine aspects of manifestation and how by choosing each moment to BE within the flow, we can truly allow ourselves to surrender to divine timing and to be supported in the process.


Let GoLast Autumn we took a leap of faith and placed our house on the market to realise a long held dream of relocating to France. We did a major re-clutter, our cats got their passports and vaccinations, we signed the papers with estate agents and held our breath all the while expecting our house to sell quickly. We know our house will sell but it hasn’t yet and we are still here in Kent, England.



We could go into worry and stress mode, and take quick fix actions to sell – drop the price, change estate agent, even question our plans. Luckily we have our faith in divine timing and flow deep within us and although on a human day to day level we are curious as to why our house has not sold, deep within we know we are totally looked after.


Cerato FBA large part of this knowing for me comes from many years (since 1988) of living alongside the nature kingdom through my own use of flower essences, helping clients and training practitioners to use them; my love of the moon and choosing to live both my personal and professional life through the flow and guidance of her 29 day cycle and my love of the seasons and how they guide me to use my energies wisely at each stage of the year.

I can still have my buttons pushed yet now I  have structures and support systems and people in my life who can mirror any tensions or misalignments back to me so that I can shift back into the flow. Action and structure is needed (the masculine art of manifestation) yet without the more receptive, yin, flowing energies, we can easily tip out of balance and experience anxiety, depression and loneliness.


Here are my my 3 favourite ways to step back into the flow of life

Flow Step One – Allow yourself to be supported by the Lunar Cycle

Pearl and Moon with textRight now stop what you are doing, and scan your energy system for what you are wishing to manifest. Are you raising energy for outward action or needing to let go and rest? Check the moon cycle you are currently in – if your focus is creation of the new, the waxing moon supports this endeavour; yet if your focus is letting go, then the waning moon will be your friend. Allow the lunar cycle to support your creations – you need not do this alone. You are always supported by life and the beings that support life on our earth.

Flow Step Two – Allow yourself to be supported by the seasons


Daffodil circle tmAt the time of writing, we are in early spring. As the sap rises again from the earth, we awake from our Winter dreams and stretch our sleepy limbs into the fresh air. Spring is a powerful time to to fine tune your vision (dreamt during Winter) and to begin to prepare your tools for bringing the dream into manifestation. Our friends right now are focus, patience and small action steps. The season of Spring is a wonderful teacher of these skills. Open your eyes and ears to this season and allow her to support your desires and projects.



Flow Step Three – Allow yourself to be YOU

child smiley faceFocus on your gifts and strengths, not your challenges. When we try to be and become something we are not, tension is automatically created within all of our bodies (subtle and physical). Ask yourself what brings you joy, what do you do with ease and grace and then focus on bringing more and more of this energy into your life. A life of flow automatically follows – whether this is your personal life, your relationships or your business/healing practice.

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