The Magic of You

The Magical Clients That I Support…

This is a photo of YOU – a pure, radiant being of light. Deep inside you know you are this and your journey to this place may have been long and full of challenge. But now you are here and you wish to help others. This is your heart’s desire.



You are a complementary health practitioner and/or healer or run an energy basedbusiness. You may be highly experienced in your craft and already be running a successful practice or business OR you may be “new” to the Entrepreneurial Priestess that you know is inside you.

You have a big vision and have been gifted with a unique way to heal the heart of our beautiful planet and the many beings that live upon our earth. You know this is yours to offer and being connected to this vision lights you up – just like the photo above. When you are with this vision, you feel at your most complete and whole.

What You Struggle With…

You may well be still engaged with a job or a lifestyle that does not nourish your soul and sometimes it is just easier to keep your head down, keep your lights dimmed and keep going. Becoming who you know you can be feels nigh impossible sometimes.

Those you love and even like-minded friends believe that complementary therapists and healing practices cannot command a thriving business and so you do not feel comfortable sharing your visions and heart’s desires with them. Maybe you believe this too – or at least you have talked yourself into believing this.

You are terrified of becoming visible as the true you / the Being of Light that you really are  for fear that others may reject you. The thought of raising your prices and charging what you are truly worth so that you can fully support yourself feels completely unrealistic.

What You Most Need Right Now…

To have someone believe in your vision and feel supported by someone who has walked your path.

To be surrounded by others who also have big visions and wish to grow beautiful businesses that nourish and support them and their families as well as their clients.

A healing to stay focused and committed to your vision.

A structure and practical sequential steps that walk you from where you are now to a place where you are living your vision.

Your Next Step…

Create a Magical Business was birthed to support someone just like you – our programmes support therapists and healers merge the Divine Feminine.

If you would like support in taking your first steps, please apply for a complimentary Magical Business with myself, Sara…

In this personal session I’ll help you:

  • Discover what has been unconsciously sabotaging you from sharing your magical gifts with the clients who really need what you offer.
  • Explore together the future of your dreams – both personal and professional so that you can begin taking practical steps to manifest this
  • Identify the one simple step you can take immediately to get into action

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I’d love to help you