You mean Flower Essences can do That ?

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Valerian Flower Essence
A safe and effective way of experiencing the calming vibrations of this flower

Flower Essences are most often thought of as being used for emotional and spiritual purposes yet in fact while many do use them in this way AND they are highly effective in helping us all reach our full potential, their use can also be incredibly practical and you don’t need years of expertise to be able to use them effectively. I have been using flower essences for over 25 years now and have used different essences from many ranges to support me, my family and my clients in a huge variety of situations. Flower and Vibrational Essences have become my primary support system whether I (or someone else) needs physical, emotional or spiritual support.

Last week I had a trip to the dentist and while I was there it struck me just how useful flower essences can be to help us prepare for such a trip and also take care of ourselves afterwards. After all, we all wish to experience life in the most gracious way and if there are highly practical, inexpensive AND natural ways of making every day experiences of life just a little easier, wouldn’t you be interested?

What… mean flower essences can do that?

Periwinkle for Clarity

I truly believe that flower and vibrational medicine is a medicine of our future and that 2014 is a year when this modality is really coming into its own. Life isn’t getting any easier, the daily and global challenges are not going to go away tomorrow; more and more people are looking for natural ways to live their lives and also to empower themselves with the knowledge to take care of themselves and those they love. And yes flower essences can do ALL of this…..

So I’d love to share with you 5 flower essences that can help you sail through your next trip to the dentist’s (or doctor’s or hospital visit)  AND help your body and soul heal quickly and easily.


1. I don’t know too many people who enjoy going to the dentist – and in fact there are many for whom this is SUCH a traumatic experience, they never go or only go when they absolutely need to. I understand as I was one of these people (and yes my journey of flower essences has moved me from feeling the dentist as highly traumatic to a very easy experience . So if a trip to the dentist causes you great stress and worry, begin taking a “Rescue Remedy” type essence around a week before your visit.

Examples of “Rescue Remedy” type essences are:

– the Bach “Rescue Remedy” or “Five Flower” Remedy by Herbs.

– the Australian Bush Emergency Essence

– Valerian Flower Essence from my own range, MoonFlower Essences

Using essences like this can help a great deal to keep the body and mind as calm as possible and thereby allow the experience to be as easeful as it can be. A relaxed body always experiences enhanced vitality.

2. On the day of your trip, put drops of your essence into a water bottle to take with you and sip while you wait to go in. An essence will not take away any physical discomfort you may feel but it will keep you relaxed and calm – which will help the procedure go smoothly and your body to begin the healing process more quickly and easily. Keep sipping the essence on the way home – having a filling (and usually a local anaesthetic) is pretty traumatic for the body and soul and so calming your body with gentle and loving vibrations  can only be helpful.

3. Finally, as many of us have – or have had – mercury based fillings, any dental work can release impurities into our systems.

Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline helps the body release any old and non resonant energy

Here are two readily available essences that can help mop up any toxicity that has been released into the body. Both these essences are highly effective to take for a few days after the trip – especially if you have had extensive work – and will help your physical body heal, your mind relax and for any impurities (from the anaesthetic or dental material) to be removed gently and totally naturally.

– Purifying Essence from Australian Bush Essences

– Black Tourmaline Gem Essence from MoonFlower Essences

I hope this article has helped you learn a little about how flower essences are a highly practical and easy modality to use. You can use the above essences too if you are needing treatment from your GP or at the hospital and are on medication. There are no side-effects and essences are very reasonably priced.

And the extra special good news about all of the above is….that while the essences are gently helping your physical body rid itself of any toxicity from the treatment or medication, the essences are also working on “deeper” levels …so they will also be dissolving “old” and no longer needed emotional patterns you have gathered over the years. You will emerge in a day or week or so with a clearer energy system on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Isn’t that great?

So yes essences really can do all of this …..and much more.


Reconnect to your true nature narrowIf you’d like to learn more about flower essences, pop over to my training website .There is a “free” introductory course for you to dip in your toes, a Manifesting with the Moon programme that begins again on New Moon March 30th and a Professional Practitioner Diploma that opens its doors again for enrolment on March 1st.

If you’d like me to make you up a bottle of any of the above essences, please visit this link

You are also welcome to contact me via this website.

Many blessings of the flowers to you as always


Sara Turner








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